Legoland- Dubai

Legoland- Dubai

The Middle East’s first Lego-themed hotel, the Legoland Hotel, has opened its doors in Dubai. The hotel at Dubai Parks and Resorts held an opening ceremony on Jan 18th, 2022, inviting guests to tour the new property before the first overnight guests arrived on Friday, 21st Jan 2022.

The hotel, which is filled with Lego characters, models, bricks, and more, is aimed at families with smaller children and is only 130 child-sized steps away from the entrance of Legoland Dubai Theme Park and Water Park. The Legoland Hotel at Dubai Parks and Resorts is welcomed by a smoke-breathing Lego dragon.

Look for the hotel’s beautifully coloured turreted flags atop the roof of the colourful green, blue, white, red, and yellow hotel as you approach Dubai Parks and Resorts. Guests pass through a clock tower guarded by Lego models and under a smoke-breathing Lego dragon before arriving at reception, where a child-sized check-in counter allows children to participate in every stage of the process.

The lobby features a large Lego Pond filled with innumerable bricks in every colour available, as well as a Lego-patterned carpet that runs the length of the floor. More than 2,000 Lego models adorn the hotel, which was built with more than 4.5 million bricks weighing more than 9,128 kilos. A turreted castle soft play area with ropes, slides, climbing frames, and more is located outside the lobby, with Lego-filled replica building pipes running up the ceiling.

The first Legoland hotel creative workshop:

It is also located at the hotel. It’s a location where tiny builders can get busy with what the Danish toy company terms “creative learning” sessions, and it’s located on the ground floor. Children will be supervised and coached as they construct their own Lego models, while right next door, a master model-maker will be hard at work creating unique, one-of-a-kind Lego models, which guests will be able to observe.

The hotel offers 250 themed rooms distributed across four stories, each with its own unique concept. Choose between a Pirate, Adventure, Friends, Ninjago, or Kingdom room, all of which can accommodate up to five people. If you’re travelling with a larger company, the larger suites sleep up to eight people and can be joined on more than one side, allowing parties of up to 26 people to have their own private apartment. Each hotel room includes a distinct area for kids, complete with bunk beds, “no adults” signs, and a TV to watch their favourite Lego movies.

The hotel, like Legoland’s theme park and water park, caters mostly to children aged 2 to 12, and it is undeniably kid-friendly, with the Lego motif plastered throughout carpets, corridors, walls, doors, elevators, and furniture. Each area is decorated with colourful Lego models, and there is also a Duplo station where kids may get creative. An honesty box by the front door encourages children who have grown too attached to certain bricks during their stay to return them to the hotel so that the future guests can enjoy them as well. There’s also a scavenger hunt for kids in every room, and the puzzle changes on a regular basis, so there’s always something fresh to keep them occupied.

Theme party and breakfast included:

Bricks Family Restaurant can be found on the ground floor. Breakfast is offered here, and it is included in the price of every stay. Diners are greeted by Lego models of cooks in the buffet-style restaurant, which features an entire section designed for children’s height, removing the need for parents to constantly be on hand to assist children in selecting food from the buffet. Lunch and dinner are served at this all-day eatery. Adults can have a beverage while their children are engaged in the creative workshop at the Skyline Lounge, which is slated to open soon.

Children will enjoy spotting the various models strewn throughout the hotel, as well as the big Lego camel. A big temperature-controlled swimming pool with Lego block floats and other toys is located outside. Of course, Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park are right around the corner, as are Motiongate, Riverland, and Bollywood Parks Dubai. The hotel focuses on providing high-quality family vacations. They treat youngsters as VIP visitors, which is a one-of-a-kind experience.

There is a Lego themed castle in the centre of the lobby, as well as a creative workshop for children interested in exploring their creativity and a scavenger hunt in the room, so parents and children can check in together. Their Bricks Family Restaurant will also have child-sized buffet counters. The list doesn’t end there; they have costume character visits throughout the stay, as well as children’s activities at certain times of the day.

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