The Top 8 Breakfast Restaurants in Dubai with a View of the Sea

Breakfast Restaurants in Dubai

A solid morning routine can help you stay energized, refreshed, and productive throughout the day. A negative start, on the other hand, will only lead to a foul attitude that will last the rest of the day, repeated headaches, and a lack of productivity.

Nothing beats the feeling of eating breakfast with beach and waves just a few feet away when it comes to starting the day on a pleasant and refreshing note. And if you live in Dubai, you’ll have lots of opportunities to partake in this activity. Nothing beats the feeling of eating breakfast with beach and waves just a few feet away when it comes to starting the day on a pleasant and refreshing note. And if you live in Dubai, you’ll have lots of opportunities to partake in this activity. Let’s take a look at some of Dubai’s best sea-facing breakfast spots:

Breakfast Restaurants with a View of the Sea in Dubai

1. Eggspectations:

Eggspectations, one of Dubai’s most renowned sea-facing breakfast eateries, is located in the gorgeous Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Apart from its amusing name, it lures customers with its enticing menu, which comprises a wide range of egg dishes (no surprises!). There are 11 different types of eggs Benedict on the menu, with 7 different kinds of omelettes. If eggs aren’t your thing, try their waffles, pancakes, and other delectable delicacies.

2. Bla Bla:

Bla Bla, which has a perfect location on the world-famous JBR beach, serves a variety of breakfast delights that draw visitors from all over the emirate. Bla Bla has pushed its way to the top of the list of best breakfast venues in Dubai with magnificent sea views, despite being a relatively new name. The eatery, which also doubles as a beach club, offers a variety of specials to suit the tastes of its eclectic clientele. They currently feature a “Set Breakfast” offer that is offered every day until 11:30 a.m.

It costs AED 65 and includes any cuisine and drink of your choice, as well as coffee or tea. Of course, the breath-taking views of the sea are free.

3. Café Nikki’s:

Café Nikki is located on Nikki Beach, a well-known staycation area, and is an excellent choice for a breakfast spot in Dubai with beautiful views. This café has a view of the ocean and an azure pool.

Local and foreign flavours are served here to tantalize your taste senses and offer you a fresh start to the day. Pancakes, crepes, avocado toast, granola, oats, and a range of egg alternatives are among the menu’s offerings. There’s also a selection of juices, teas, and coffees to choose from.

4. Ella’s Eatery:

Ella’s Eatery is a must-visit among the many breakfast restaurants in Dubai with sea views, offering an intimate experience amidst magnificent vistas. A three-egg omelette, pancakes, and organic eggs on toast are among the restaurant’s signature dishes. If you want a more complete experience, go for the breakfast brunch, which includes six meals for each person. It costs AED 70 and comes with a hot or cold beverage.

5. Lucky Fish:

Lucky Fish, a gorgeous eatery with Mediterranean vibes and a particular charm, is located in the most desirable area in the emirate, Palm Jumeirah. This café stands out from other breakfast eateries in Dubai because of its unusual setting on a sandy beach with sheltered tales.- Cottage cheese pancakes, eggs benedict, Lucky Fish French toast, avocado toast, crepes, and more breakfast options are available at Lucky Fish.

6. Koko Bay:

Koko Bay, located on Palm Jumeirah’s West Beach, is a fantastic beachside breakfast location with a beautiful atmosphere. If you arrive early enough, you can sit at a table just a few feet from the sea and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Asian omelette with minced chicken, Koko English breakfast, and Amazonica acai bowl are among the restaurant’s specialties.

7. Palm Bay:

Palm Bay is known for much more than its happy hours and brunch specials. If you’re searching for a full meal with beautiful views, its breakfast selections, which are available daily until noon, are a must-try. Breakfast items on the menu are generously portioned and will certainly fulfil your appetite for a great breakfast. It’s a pet-friendly establishment. So don’t forget to bring your pet friend along.

8. Saya Café, The Pointe:

Saya Café at The Pointe is a charming breakfast establishment that serves traditional fare. The intriguing interior, on the other hand, is the place’s feature. Pink blossoms and lights, a large floral wall, and pink velvet shell seats decorate the space. There is also a lovely love heart wall. All of this makes it the ideal location for a delicious breakfast and Instagram-worthy photos.

This brings us to the end of our list of the top breakfast spots in Dubai with amazing views of the sea. The majority of these establishments provide breakfast seven days a week.

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