Top Five Property Management Companies- Dubai

Property Management Companies

1. Manage My Property:

It was founded in 2007 and has over ten years of property management experience. They provide a comprehensive range of turnkey services for Dubai real estate.

People admire them because they have extensive expertise and in-depth understanding of successful asset management, modern technology, and effective management solutions, allowing them to deliver complete transparency and peace of mind to their clients.

Unlike other organizations, they provide detailed inspection reports during the tenancy period to verify that the client’s tenant is responsible for any damages they create while on your property.

Another thing that makes them stand out is how easy it is to deal with them. The first step is to get in touch with them and submit them the necessary documentation. Step two is to sign the documents and agree to the terms and conditions. The final step is to download their app and keep a real-time eye on your property.

Services: Residential, Commercial, Full Building, Handover and Snag.

2. KeyOne Properties:

It’s a subsidiary of KeyOne Real Estate, is well recognized for all-around property management that provides outstanding value for money. Recognizing that property management is more than a series of economic transactions, the firm provides tailored solutions for each customer.

The main services provided by landlords are listing, management, and full management. The listing is free and includes professional images, a to-let sign, key management, a viewing arrangement, and a tenancy agreement.

Handling tenants, rent collection, monthly statements, online portal and 24/7 contact line, check-in and check-out inspections, service charges and bill payment, and arranging property insurance are all included in the Management and Full Management packages. The key distinction is in the rates: the Management package charges 5% of the rental income, while the Full Management package charges 7%.

Because of the additional property inspections during tenancy, repairs management, contractor management, and rental tribunal support, the latter receives an extra 2%. But what actually distinguishes Key One from other property management businesses is that they continue to assist you even after their service contract has ended. They provide free casual letting and charge a little price for inspections, tribunal aid, and property maintenance.

Services: Lettings, Property Management, Property Assessment, Online Listing, Maintenance, Housing Tools, Online Payment Facility, Landlord Portal

3. Betterhomes:

It was founded in 1986, around the same time as Asteco, and has been purchasing, selling, and renting homes for almost 35 years. The company aspired to provide clients with a more holistic real estate experience through property management six years into the business.

Betterhomes is a firm known for delivering quality service that clients trust, having worked on properties with big developers all around the UAE for so long. They’ve also established offices in Abu Dhabi and Qatar, in addition to Dubai.

Despite the fact that property management is not the company’s specialty, it is nonetheless regarded as one of the best in Dubai due to its comprehensive package with an annual rate of 8% or AED 5,000, whichever is higher. Marketing your property, screening possible tenants, collecting rent, and maintaining it are all part of this process.

Betterhomes constantly puts the client’s needs first and ensures that your investment is worthwhile—as seen by their track record. They currently have a 95% occupancy rate, greater rental yields than non-managed homes, and manage over 5,000 properties across the UAE.

Services: Management, Rental Collection, Handling Tenant Concerns, Maintenance and Repairs, Quarterly Account Statements, Marketing, Tenant Screening.

4. Yallarent:

It is a modern organization that aims to level the industry playing field by providing a property management solution unlike any other on our list.

Consider Yallarent to be the firm that manages your hotel or serviced apartment for you, combining the functions of the concierge and housekeeping into one. As a result, Yallarent primarily serves Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor short-term rental properties.

Yallarent provides local market expertise, custom build pricing tools, and up to 40% more rental income in order to maximize your income.

They also ensure the safety of your property with a comprehensive guest screening service, ID checks, and a 24-hour emergency hotline.

Their comprehensive management package includes services such as managing all legal paperwork prior to opening, listing and advertising profiles, key drop off, and more.

Services: Short-term Rentals Management, Guest Screening, Check-in and Check-out, Cleaning Services, Emergency Contact, 24/7 Response Guest Communication.

5. Provident:

It is a new firm that has the experience of one that has been around for decades. It was founded in 2008. While it began as a real estate firm, its property management division has grown into its own entity.

Provident provides property and facilities management for just about any type of property, demonstrating their team’s adaptability. Commercial, residential, and industrial properties are all on the list. You will be charged 8% of the rental proceeds for the Full Property Management service. While the price is a little more than some, you get a long list of services that few firms will provide at that price.

The advertising service, tenant screening, professional property photography, condition reports, and a specialized key account manager are among the list’s greatest features.

The benefit of having your own key account manager is that you’ll have someone to keep you updated on a frequent basis. They not only meet your needs as a landlord, but they also work to ensure that your tenant is happy during his or her stay. Don’t worry if you think the 8% rate is a little too high. They also offer a 5% package that includes the same benefits but excludes the inspections and maintenance services.

Services: Full Property Management, Letting, Marketing, Advertising, Maintenance, Repairs, Tenant Screening, Professional Property Photography, Condition Reports, Fund Collection and Transfer Service, Dedicated Key Account Manager, Remarketing of Property, Debt Collection, Property Inspection, Financial Reporting.

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