All about the Realtor License in Dubai

Realtor License in Dubai

Do you want to learn how to work as a real estate agent in Dubai? While there are many levels to the process, and successful agents take years to create a strong portfolio of potential buyers and tenants, the basic process to become a real estate agent in Dubai begins with DREI’s training modules. After you’ve finished the classes, you’ll need to pass the exam and get the licence you need to work as a property dealer in Dubai.

1. Getting a Residency Visa (For Expats):

Obtaining a residency permit is the first step toward becoming a property dealer in Dubai. Residents of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can easily register for the licencing process. Expats, on the other hand, must have a valid residency visa in order to work as a realtor in Dubai. You can either receive a work visa from your employer in Dubai or a residency visa from your spouse who works in Dubai. Your Emirates ID will also be required. We also offer a full guide on how to apply for an Emirates ID if you’re new to the UAE.

2. Apply for DREI Certified Training:

Once you obtain your visa, the next step in becoming a real estate agent in Dubai is to enrol in the Dubai Real Estate Institute’s training programme (DREI). The four-day course, known as Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers, seeks to provide you with the necessary understanding into the region’s real estate business. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), which is the regulatory arm of the Dubai Land Department, has authorised the course (DLD). RERA, DLD, and other significant industry entities are also covered on MyBayut. You can take the classes in person or online at DLD’s RERA agent registration training centre. In either case, remember to take notes, understand the procedure, and go over any material that has to be reviewed.

3. The RERA Exam:

Following the four-day programme, you will be required to take a written RERA registration exam. The exam price for applicants with a bachelor’s degree is AED 3,200, while those without a bachelor’s degree must pay AED 6,300. The test is simple if you have thoroughly studied the contents of the certification course. This also means that a bachelor’s degree is not required to obtain a real estate broker’s licence. Having a degree in a relevant discipline (such as business or economics) will, of course, increase your long-term professional prospects. We’ve also included a list of courses and degrees that can help you advance your career as a real estate agent.

4. Getting the Realtor License:

You’ll be on your road to getting a realtor licence and working as a real estate agent in Dubai once you pass the exam. A certificate of good behaviour is also required for obtaining a broker’s licence. The Economic Department will provide your broker licence and card if you have met these conditions. After you submit all of the relevant documentation, you will receive your credentials within one or two days. To prevent any penalties from the issuing authority, you must renew your licence one month before it expires.

How to Renew License:

To keep your licence, you must retake the RERA agent registration exam and achieve an 85 percent score. You can finish the renewal process online once you’ve passed the exam. It’s important to remember that if you don’t file for renewal by the deadline, your licence could be revoked, and you’ll have to take the training course all over again. The following documents are necessary for the renewal process, a copy of a valid passport and a copy of your file/residence permit, personal autograph, qualification certificate. The fee for renewing a real estate agent’s licence is AED 510.

While a university degree is not required to apply for the licence, you must be at least 21 years old to work as a licenced real estate agent in the UAE.

This brings us to the end of our guide on how to work as a real estate agent in Dubai. Remember that the most difficult portion of the process begins once you have your driver’s licence. More than qualifications are required to succeed in the competitive UAE real estate market.

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