Set up the perfect home office

Set up the perfect home office

While not having to commute is a major benefit of working from home, the distractions can be overwhelming. Here are seven ideas for creating a home office that inspires even in the smallest of spaces.

1.You don’t require the entire room:

Any space big enough to fit a desk and some storage would suffice. A home office could likewise be created out of an underused closet. Best of all, when you’re finished working, simply shut the doors!

2.Other essentials:

You’ll need a good chair, so invest in one that’s ergonomically sound and comfy. You’ll also need a filing cabinet and enough space to hold the inevitable piles of paper that will accumulate.

3.Keep work and pleasure separate:

Remove all televisions, game consoles, and other potential sources of distraction. Don’t mix your personal and professional lives.

4.Clear out the clutter:

When you’re on a tight deadline or rushing late for a meeting, clearing up clutter and arranging your workspace will help you find what you need quickly. Before the clutter takes over your workstation, clean your table and get control of it.

5.Add some colour to the walls:

Your choice of art can completely transform the look and feel of your home office. Photos of your family, souvenirs from your recent vacation, or even a cheap pin board with photographs and doodles would help to liven up the room.

6.Invest in high-quality lighting:

Not only will lighting help your home office appear wonderful, but it will also save your eyes from straining and increase your mood. Get a floor lamp if you have the extra space. Otherwise, a wall-mounted lamp will suffice. Also, make sure your home office has curtains or shades to manage the amount of light that comes in.

7.Make a green choice:

Plants in the workplace have been shown to lower stress and boost productivity in studies. Furthermore, plants are inexpensive ways to instantly rejuvenate your home office. Try acquiring cacti or succulents if you don’t have a green thumb.

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