How to apply for Dubai Driving license

How to apply for Dubai Driving license

Driving is a talent that can take you places – literally – no matter where you reside on the planet. However, for a variety of reasons, obtaining a driver’s license can be challenging at times. By detailing the methods, procedures, and advice involved in obtaining a driving license, this Dubai driving license guide can assist you in overcoming any obstacles.

In Dubai, anyone above the age of 18 can apply for a driver’s license. Probationary licenses are available to people between the ages of 18 and 21. The RTA must receive an application for a driver’s license in Arabic (Road and Traffic Authority). The authorized driving schools in Dubai will handle everything for you. The RTA issues a temporary license based on this application, which must be carried at all times.


  • If you are of driving age, simply follow our step-by-step process to obtaining a Dubai driver’s license. The procedure for obtaining a Dubai driver’s license is straightforward but thorough.
  • Make an appointment for an eye exam. This can be done at your driving school or at an optician’s office.
  • In Dubai, enroll in an RTA-approved driving school and submit all required documentation.
  • Obtain a temporary Dubai driver’s license or learner’s permit and begin your driver’s education.
  • Complete all theory classes, which are available online or at driving schools.
  • To go to the practical training, you must first pass the theory test.
  • Finish the practical classes and schedule your internal evaluation.
  • You must complete highway and city road classes after completing the internal assessment.
  • Pass the internal parking test so the school can apply for the RTA exam.
  • After passing the test, you’ll have to take the final RTA road test.
  • Obtain a license

If you fail the road exam on your first attempt, you must complete an additional seven classes of training before taking the test again.

Required Documents:

To apply for a Dubai driving course, Emiratis merely need their valid Emirates ID. For expats, the conditions for obtaining a driver’s license in Dubai are varied. If you are a foreigner living in Dubai, you must submit the following documents: Your Emirates ID (copy and original), Your passport with visa page (copy). Passport size photos (minimum of 2). Your eye test results, and a no objection letter from your sponsor (if asked by the relevant department)

The Tests:

In Dubai, there is no quick way to obtain a driver’s license. To receive a legal driving license in Dubai, you must pass a few examinations. The theoretical test is scheduled by your driving school. After passing all internal tests, including the yard parking exam, you can move on to the RTA exams. Only those who pass the RTA theory test are eligible to take the RTA road test. You’ll know exactly what to expect from these driving exams if you use our Dubai driving license guide. You will save a lot of time, money, and stress if you prepare well before taking these tests.


Your theory exam will take place at one of the approved driving schools (typically the one where you are registered).

You should have the following items on the day of the test:

Valid Emirates Driver’s License, two passport-size pictures. The cost of the theory test, the 35-question test assesses your understanding of road/driving risks, signal and sign interpretation, and safe-driving rules. There will be three parts to the presentation. There are 17 questions in the first segment about different traffic situations. To pass this section, you must successfully answer at least 11 questions. The second portion consists of 18 questions that focus on the technicalities of a driver’s license. To be eligible for the final road exam, you must correctly answer 12 of these questions. The Risks Recognition Test is the third section, which consists of a series of movies representing various environmental circumstances. The questions in this section are about your strategy for dealing with these illnesses and associated dangers. This test is conducted in English or Arabic on a touch-screen computer. Candidates who aren’t fluent in these languages can take an oral exam instead.

Parking Test:

At your driving institute’s smart yard, you can take a completely automated test with thorough parking directions. The parking test consists of five steps. These are some of them:

  • Slope/ hill parking
  • Emergency brakes
  • Angle Parking
  • Garage Parking
  • Parallel Parking

If you fail the parking test five times in a row, you will be required to retake the internal assessment.

The Road Test:

This is the final and maybe most difficult step in your quest for a Dubai driver’s license. Why? Because this is where you show the examiner that you are deserving of this driver’s license – and you only have 10 to 12 minutes to do so!

Because this is a practical exam and you will be driving, be psychologically prepared. Arrive at the RTA driving license centre Dubai on your scheduled test date with your, file of Emirates ID for Driving, two passport-size pictures, the cost of the road test. Wait patiently until your name is called out on the day of the test. Along with the other candidates, follow the RTA examiner to the allotted automobile.

Your RTA Dubai driving license test results will be emailed to you right away. If you fail, you’ll have to take seven more classes before being able to schedule a new road test date. The examiner will give you the permission paper if you pass. Take it with you to the Pass Counter, together with your ID and the money for a Dubai driver’s license. After that, get your driver’s license and take it to the Control Counter. Before you can enter the photo area, you must first pay the license fees. After the photo is taken, all you have to do now is wait a few minutes to receive your well-earned Dubai driver’s license.

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