Foreigners’ favourite real estate areas in Dubai

real estate areas in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, providing a diverse range of apartment options on the market. Villas and townhouses, in addition to apartments, are in high demand. Dubai, a massive metropolis that rises in size every year, is the most sought-after city in the UAE.

In Dubai, there are luxurious homes where a family living reigns supreme. Other club villages are located near the city’s business districts, where there are several office buildings, skyscrapers, shopping malls, hotels, and inns. Remember that Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf, and the demand for seaside real estate is increasing every day. So, let’s take a look at some of the areas where it’s best to invest.

Dubai is a place that can truly be described as a global commonwealth. More than 200 ethnicities are represented in the emirate, with Arabs being only a small portion of the population.

India has a large population in the state, ranging from 2.5 to 3 million people. Pakistan is ranked second, with a population ranging from 1.2 to 1,500,000 people. There are around a million Arabs in third place. Bangladesh (up to 1,000,000), the Philippines (up to 700,000), Iran and Egypt (up to 500,000), Nepal, and Sri Lanka are the next countries on the list (up to 500,000).

The best places in Dubai to buy a villa:

What do you envision in your mind’s eye when you think of a fantasy rural home? Pictures of a lovely cottage with a lovely green garden, lawn, swimming pool, and so on are displayed in front of my eyes. Modern Dubai provides residential districts with magnificent landscaped lawns, parks, and gardens; you will live in a megacity while also enjoying suburban privacy. If you wish to wake up every morning with a view of the magnificent sea from your window, the emirate offers a wide range of real estate options, including villas near the coast or on manmade islands.

The following are the most popular family residential communities in Dubai:

  1. Arabian Ranches
  2. Dubai Hills Estate
  3. The Springs Dubai
  4. Green Community
  5. The Villa
  6. Palm Jumeirah

According to Property Finder data, several villas and townhouses were sold in these locations in the third quarter of 2021.

These areas are divided into two groups. The first are tourist spots that stay popular year after year, such as Palma Jumeirah, Dubai’s calling card. The second is new neighbourhoods with villas that are far away from main tourist attractions. According to The National, demand for this category in the United Arab Emirates increased significantly in the second quarter. Buyers are opting for larger homes in the post-pandemic era, which is a trend.

Arabian Ranches:

It is Dubai’s first residential area. It provides emigrants with the option to own property free of charge. Emaar, a building business, was the developer of this neighbourhood. Because this community is gated, it is an excellent choice for families with children. There are three Arabian Ranches: one, two, and three, each divided into quarters. In Arabian Ranches, for example, there are three of them: Ruba, Joy, Sun, and Springs. Greenery, trees, and plants surround the location. There are grilling spaces, playgrounds, and parks, among other things. For those who enjoy sports, tennis courts and a golf club have been constructed. It is a pet-friendly environment, with designated areas for pets.

There are almost 4,000 villas and townhouses in Arabian Ranches 3, ranging in size from small studio apartments to luxurious homes with seven bedrooms and a private pool. There are two parking spaces available for each villa.

Dubai Hills Estate:

A new premium residential area of Dubai Hills Estate is another Emaar development project. There are around 3,000 dwellings on an 11-square-kilometer plot of land. Villas, premium townhouses, and luxury apartments are among the options. This community is being developed with exclusive gated villages with lush gardens and wide green spaces.

Villas, particularly those with three to seven bedrooms, are available for purchase. The Dubai Hills Estate real estate market offers both ready-to-move-in properties with furniture and appliances, as well as luxury villas that are unfinished, allowing you to design your own interior.

The Springs Dubai:

There are 15 subcommunities within the gated family cottage area. There are public swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic and BBQ spaces, and tennis courts etc. On the territory, there are manmade lakes and a lush green scenery. The Springs Dubai has a tranquil and peaceful ambiance. Furthermore, it is a peaceful, green region free of city sounds and freeway noise.

The residences are decorated in a vibrant Arabic manner. The Springs Dubai has more than 4,800 exquisite homes with private pools and gardens, as well as various parking places for car owners.

Green Community:

The residential complex is surrounded by various parks and gardens that cover an area of 67 hectares. Green Community is devoid of automotive traffic because it is an environmentally friendly community. Residents of the villas, on the other hand, enjoy designated parking places. This neighbourhood is ideal for families with children. Green Community has a number of schools and kindergartens. In the region, there is a clinic, as well as supermarkets and grocery stores. You can head to the nearest retail centre, which is only 18 kilometers away, for a larger shopping expedition.

The Villa:

The villa is part of a new residential neighbourhood developed by companies like Dubai Properties and Mazaya. This neighbourhood is one of the most popular in Dubai’s real estate market. On the community’s land, around 1,250 exquisite villas in 13 different architectural styles have been created. This area is known as a “residential paradise.” Because it is located away from the hustle and bustle of a huge metropolis, this is the greatest place for a peaceful and delightful existence.

Villas come in a variety of unique styles. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest regions in which to purchase a villa and relocate permanently. With schools, kindergartens, clinics, supermarkets, and other amenities, this residential area has a lot to offer.

Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah, the world’s eighth wonder, is the largest of the planet’s currently finished artificial islands. It is situated on the Persian Gulf’s coastlines, with a stunning view of the Dubai coastline and the Burj Al Arab. Luxury villas, townhouses, apartments, and hotels are available. This is the most costly neighbourhood, with luxury villas ranging from 1 to 7 bedrooms and up to 3,000 square meters. There are luxury villas in classic Arabic architecture as well as ultra-modern, high-tech houses on display.

The global nature of Palm Jumeirah is very appealing. According to Nakheel, the community’s principal developer, the island is home to 70 different nationalities, totalling 78,000 inhabitants.


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