All about getting medical tests done for the UAE residence Visa

UAE residence Visa

Do you want to apply for a visa in the United Arab Emirates? The UAE has long required new residents to submit to a medical examination as part of their visa application. COVID-19 limits were recently implemented by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Specific groups, for example, are exempt from medical fitness exams. You might also discover that several medical fitness centres have closed their doors. Can you still require a medical fitness test for your UAE visa application, and if so, how do you get one?

In Pacific Prime’s guide to visa applications in the UAE under COVID-19 restrictions, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

What is the purpose of a medical fitness test?

In the final stage of your visa application, you’ll require a medical fitness test as well as proof of compliant health insurance. As a result, the cost varies based on how quickly you need to see your test results. If you need to meet a visa application deadline quickly, consider paying more.

Here’s a sample of what’s on the Dubai Health Authority’s medical fitness test price list:

Regular (test results arrive in 5 business days): AED 320 VIP (within 4 hours): AED 700 Urgent (within 48 hours): AED 430 Urgent (within 24 hours): AED 530 Urgent (within 48 hours): AED 430 Urgent (within 24 hours): AED 530 Urgent (within 48 hours): AED 430 Urgent (within 24 hours):

Your test results will be sent to you by email and SMS as soon as they are available.

In Dubai, where can you get tested?

Any recognized medical fitness centre can administer the test. A list of all medical examination centres in various emirates may be found here. It’s vital to remember that several centres are closing temporarily due to the new restrictions, while others are only partially open. Are you looking to have your medical testing completed as quickly as possible? During this period, remember to take notice of the changing business hours.

The following is a list of all the reopened medical fitness centres run by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA):

  • Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre
  • JLT Medical Fitness Centre
  • Al Nahda Occupational Centre
  • Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) Medical Fitness Centre
  • Knowledge Village Medical Fitness Centre
  • Smart Salem VIP Medical Fitness Centre (for VIP services only)
  • If your visa was issued in the other emirates, you should visit a preventive medicine department under the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

The following is a list of resources. In Dubai, MOHAP centres have reopened:

  • Salah Al Din Preventive Medicine Centre
  • Al Nahda Preventive Medicine Centre
  • Ibn Battuta Preventive medicine Centre

What is a smart medical fitness test, and how does it work?

Take notice, VIPs, investors, and holders of the golden residency visa. Within 30 minutes, you can complete your medical fitness exams, receive your results, and have your visa stamped. Smart Salem, which is located in City Walk, is Dubai’s first totally AI-driven medical fitness centre. The cost of this smart medical fitness test is AED 700.

Who is not required to take the medical fitness test?

A number of persons are exempt from undergoing medical testing. Laborers and domestic employees whose permits have expired are excluded from the new COVID-19 requirements. In reality, on March 25th of this year, their residence visas were automatically renewed. A medical fitness test has never been required for travellers holding a visiting visa.

Who is required to take the medical fitness test?

Do you have a residence visa from Dubai or are you applying for one? You must take the medical fitness exam if you respond yes to either question. The test is also required for persons looking for a new job, a family visa, or an investor/partner visa.

Update on COVID-19 visas for the United Arab Emirates

Were you unable to depart the UAE before your visa to stay or visit expired? There’s some positive news to report. Holders of expired entry permits and visas who enter the UAE after August 11, 2020, will be allowed to stay for another month, according to UAE authorities. This is what you can do if you are not eligible for a deadline extension or if your visa has been revoked.

Dubai requires medical insurance:

By law, all residents (including foreigners) must have at least the most basic level of Dubai health insurance at all times. That is why, before relocating to the UAE, you should ensure that you have a comprehensive health insurance plan.



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