Abu Dhabi set to launch new tourism quality control system

Abu Dhabi set to launch new tourism

Abu Dhabi is preparing to implement new tourism quality controls in order to improve its reputation as a “world-class” destination. A license structure and quality requirements will be launched and implemented in the later part of the year, according to the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Abu Dhabi. They will first be put to the test during the trial phase. It will be applied to every product and service offered in the emirate’s tourism sector.

The primary goal of establishing this quality control system would be to raise tourism standards while retaining openness. Aside from that, it intends to boost global demand for tourism products and services, improve tourism quality in Abu Dhabi, and boost competitiveness.

The pilot phase of this technology is now being implemented, according to DCT Abu Dhabi. However, it will not be fully developed with its comprehensive framework until later this year.

Authorities believe that the opening of this facility will serve to boost the tourism industry as a whole, facilitating growth through improving visitor experiences. Furthermore, the establishment will contribute to the growth of the sector by creating a transparent business climate.

Ten quality standard documents will be included in the planned quality control system and framework. These standard manuals will be used by a variety of tourism attractions, services, and goods, including but not limited to live events, adventure activities, cultural sites, amusement parks, and so on. For the creation of this framework, key inputs were gathered from over 80 worldwide sources. In addition, feedback from talks held during stakeholder consultation sessions was used for this purpose.

This new licencing structure and quality standards, according to Nawal Rashid Al Hassani, executive director of DCT Abu Dhabi’s Strategy and Planning Sector, make for a comprehensive agenda that will contain recommendations for maintaining/improving the tourism sector’s quality. According to her, the underlying motive is the expansion and growth of the emirate’s tourism sector.

She also feels that the introduction of the new framework, as well as its extensive manuals, will encourage businesses in this area to maintain a minimal quality standard that is comparable to international standards. According to her, the emirate’s modern tourism offers are bolstering its reputation as a world-class tourism destination that is safe for everyone. It will become even more popular with both local and foreign tourists with the introduction of this method.



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