A futuristic underwater train that connects Dubai and Mumbai

underwater train Dubai and Mumbai

It appears like the UAE is awash in technology these days! According to reports, the UAE is aiming to construct a 2,000-kilometer underwater rail that will connect Mumbai and Fujairah in the UAE. The news broke during the UAE-India Conclave, which was held in Abu Dhabi.

The concept and plans, according to Abdulla Alshehhi, Managing Director and Chief Consultant of National Advisor Bureau Limited, are to connect Mumbai, India, and Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, by ultra-high-speed floating trains. The UAE hopes to increase bilateral trade with India through this project.

This is essentially a give-and-take arrangement, in which India receives oil from the UAE and exports excess freshwater from the Narmada River to the Middle East via pipes. This step will also benefit future export and import.

Mr Alshehhi also stated that the concept will take some time to materialize because there are various factors that must be addressed first. Before beginning the initiative, he stated that a feasibility analysis of cities and countries will be conducted. Not only the UAE is working on an underwater rail network right now; China is also developing an undersea connection with Russia, Canada, and the United States in the near future. Within India, high-speed train service will be available between Mumbai and Ahmedabad by 2022.

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