Top four facts you should know about Dubai

There are many misunderstandings about Dubai, the flashy metropolis of the UAE, which is easily the most visited location in the world and has set a number of records, including the busiest international airport and the tallest structure in the world (United Arab Emirates). Let’s go through the top four things you should know about the city if you’re planning a trip there soon.

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Dubai isn’t a dry city:

In contrast to popular belief, you can get any drink you want in Dubai’s licensed restaurants and pubs. Apart from a few high-end eateries, these are generally tied to hotel establishments. The majority of Dubai’s bars have happy hours during which anyone over the age of 21 can get a drink. As a result, don’t forget to bring your photo ID with you when visiting any of these locations.

It’s not just for the millionaires:

Dubai, despite its reputation as the world’s most costly city, can be enjoyed on a budget. As the city prepares to host the popular Expo 2020, various midmarket and millennial-friendly hotel chains have emerged, such as Hilton Garden and Rove, which are doing brisk business in the city. Metered taxis are inexpensive (by international standards), while the Dubai Metro system (which operates like clockwork!) can be used for as little as 3 dirhams. There are several inexpensive restaurants in the city, particularly in Deira.

Rich cultural heritage:

There is much more to Dubai than skyscrapers and shopping festivals, contrary to popular belief. Anyone interested in going beyond the bling can learn about an exceptionally rich cultural heritage that integrates Islamic, Arab, and Bedouin traditions in a stunning way. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding gives a full Q&A session on Emirati culture, while the Dubai Museum and the Etihad Museum both have excellent exhibits on Dubai’s past. The Alserkal Avenue provides access to the city’s modern art sector. If you’re more interested in performance arts, though, a trip to the Dubai Opera is a must.

Weekends shift from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday:

In order to align with the West, UAE has now shifted it’s weekend from FRIDAY-SATURDAY now to SATURDAY-SUNDAY. the majority of Dubai workers, as it has made Friday a half day for work as it ends in time for the congregational prayers. Thursdays and Fridays used to be the busiest evenings at the clubs for anyone looking to party, but now that has shifted to Fridays and Saturdays. During these days of the week, Dubai malls are usually filled with people and remain open until midnight.


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