How to safeguard your valuables and treasured possessions?

safeguard your valuables and treasured possessions

Precious items and jewels sit on shelves, in handbags, and, yes, even under pillows, behind every door of every home. So, we decided it was past time to make it more difficult for burglars to take our prized possessions by offering some sound home security advice.

Security Windows and Doors:

Security screens for windows and doors provide excellent security. They act as a visual deterrent as well. Just make sure they’re made of sturdy aluminium or steel and put in a solid door frame.

Steel bars are a wonderful anti-theft option as well. Make an investment in high-quality steel. The thinner the steel is, the more vulnerable it is to impact. Also, don’t keep valuables that are simple to steal within reach of the entrance!

Make an investment in a safe:

The first thing to remember is that no home, including high-end safes, can provide 100 percent protection, but when professionally built, they can be the last line of defense once locks and alarms have been compromised.

A fire-proof home safe is the most secure safe for paper documents such as wills, property titles, and certificates. The time it takes for the paper inside a fire-proof home safe to combust determines its rating. The ratings begin about one hour and increase from there. If you need to protect cash, jewellery, or documents, we strongly advise you to upgrade from a fire-proof home safe to a combined cash/fire-rated safe. With a range of wall thicknesses and lock combinations, this will guard against both fire and theft.

Choosing the Best Safe:

To ensure you’re getting the most secure, follow these steps:

Be aware of the fire-rating. This will vary depending on the documents you’re seeking to safeguard, where you live, and how valuable the records are.

Know the cash rating of the safe. Remember, the thickness of the walls and door, the types of locks placed, and how difficult it is to remove your safe from its hiding place are all factors to consider.

Today’s and tomorrow’s storage. Look for a safe that can hold the stuff you already have and then upgrade to the next size.

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