Balcony, to be or not to be: All the advantages and disadvantages

Apartments with balconies

Due to the nearly year-round pleasant weather in Dubai, many inhabitants are increasingly opting for apartments with balconies. Balconies are not only amazing for maximizing living space, but they are also fantastic for partying!

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of apartments with balconies:


The View: Most apartment complexes in Dubai with balconies will provide you with a fantastic outlook! Unlike a yard or a patio, a balcony provides complete solitude, and you are (nearly) free to do whatever you want with it; romantic meals, small gatherings; the area is yours!

Plants: Any home instantly looks fresher with the addition of vegetation! Adding fresh plants to your balcony will instantly improve the look of your home.

Storage: Many households make advantage of their balconies as extra storage space! For some people, the extra space is a lifesaver.


Size: The majority of balconies in Bahrain are quite small, which may make it difficult to use them to their full potential.

Rules: The landlord or building owner may have a few rules and regulations that you must follow. In certain buildings, grilling, putting laundry on the balcony, or even covering the balcony may be restricted.

Safety: Families with little children may be hesitant to have a balcony since it could be unsafe for them.

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