The deepest pool in the world- Deep Dive Dubai

deepest pool in the world

Looking for a soothing dip on your trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? We’ve got the right place for you to test out while you’re in Dubai. Deep Dive Dubai boasts a whopping 197 feet (60 meters) of freshwater depth, making it the world’s deepest pool. But it’s not just the depth that draws divers.

The pool opened in July 2021 and is one amongst Dubai’s many popular adventure activities. With underwater games, warm temperatures, and exciting things to see in the depths, let’s have a glance at what makes Deep Dive so special. Things to see & Do The pool was designed to be in the form of an oyster. This is to pay tribute to Dubai’s pearl diving heritage. it’s filled with 14 million litres of water (that’s the same amount as six Olympic-sized swimming pools!) and is certified by Guinness World Records as being the deepest diving pool in the world.

Onsite there’s a gift shop, restaurant, and enough space to carry up to 100 guests comfortably. There are plans for the pool to host events in the future. Okay, so you won’t be spotting whale sharks or turtles on a dive here, but a dive here is way far from boring. You’ll see Marilyn Monroe (a large portrait of her anyway), likewise as remnants of a submerged city, an apartment house, a library, funky graffiti, and an arcade together with your favourite vintage video games. Underwater game of pool, anyone? Who can go? This is an exciting playground for scuba divers and free divers alike.

Both beginners, and experienced divers are welcome, with freediving and scuba courses available year-round, from intro level to expert. All are taught by a number of the best and most experienced dive professionals in the world, so you’ll really be in safe hands. As well as courses, Deep Dive Dubai offers fun dives of various categories betting on your certification level, and scuba specialties like Cave Diver can be done here. There’s something to work out for each diver. Diving isn’t for you? No problem! snorkelers and swimmers can even enjoy the pool from above. Or you’ll be able to stay dry and watch the divers through the peephole windows. Why dive here rather than the ocean? Some divers get nervous diving in darker waters but that’s not a worry here; with 156 lights dotted around, the pool is often well-lit (even at the deepest parts).

There’s also a state-of-the-art audio system to form a soothing, underwater mood. The main advantage of diving here is that you simply can guarantee good conditions, every day. There’s no cancelling dive days thanks to strong currents or big waves. You’re guaranteed comfort, including no seasickness! If you’re a beginner or nervous diver, this might be a good place for you to get comfortable under the water. There aren’t any scary fish to come out and surprise you, no cold water to make you shiver, and no waves splashing you on the face. It’s the right location for your first diving experiences.

Another nice feature of the pool is that it’s a comfortable 86°F (30°C) water temperature. Wetsuits aren’t even needed, which makes for more convenient, and fewer restricted diving. Also, the wonderful filter maintains the very best levels of hygiene and safety. To top it off, there’s an onsite chamber for extra safety and peace of mind. Many divers will be descending deep at this dive spot, and it’s nice to know that they don’t need to go far to get help, should any signs of sickness come up.

Want to know a juicy secret? We found out that, the luminosity of the pool deck is very different depending on the time of day, maybe thanks to the seasons. But the 2pm slot is considered the golden hour because the sun is getting lower. This brings with it beautiful luminosity, and a calming ambiance for diving. So, if you propose to book a dive at Deep Dive Dubai, the 2pm slot is that the prime time! The pool is found in Nad Al Sheba; just 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, and is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 10am until 8pm. But ensure to book your tickets before to avoid disappointment. So, what are you waiting for? Go try this underwater wonderland!

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