How are the UK’s lockdown blues enticing residents to relocate to Dubai?

relocate to Dubai

As hundreds of thousands of people across the United Kingdom adjust to the latest lockdown, Dubai welcomed British tourists with open arms. During the first week of January, the London-Dubai flight route was the busiest in the world.

Lockdown weariness set in across the UK as a result of the uncertainty, anxiety, and fear that came as a result of facing COVID-19’s stay-at-home effects, with many yearning for a change of scene that symbolized long-term safety, sunlight, and prudent investments.

The UAE, which is home to around 240,000 British expats, has long been a popular holiday destination in the United Kingdom, and having just provided approximately 2 million vaccination shots to inhabitants, Dubai ticked all the necessary boxes.

Consider how the decline in weather, as well as real-estate prices, contributed to Dubai’s transformation into a lockdown dream come true for the holiday season and beyond.

Relaxation in the sun:

Not only does Dubai promise the coolest winters with sunny skies and picture-perfect cloud views, but it also boasts stunning beaches, sprawling malls, and a plethora of recreational activities such as desert excursions, yacht parties, swanky dining, and more, ensuring you never run out of things to do all year.

Managing COVID-19 Successfully:

The UAE has one of the lowest virus fatality rates in the world, at 0.3 percent, because to its excellent healthcare system and nationwide immunization campaign. Dubai serves as a global model for crisis preparedness, maintaining the highest levels of protection against the pandemic with a zero-tolerance policy in all restaurants, hotels, social gatherings, and entertainment outlets when it comes to enforcing preventative guidelines such as mask-wearing, social distancing, and precautionary measures. Regular inspections are also conducted to guarantee strict conformity, with fines in place for those who do not follow the rules.

Opportunities for Investors:

The UAE is a fantastic opportunity for British nationals wishing to diversify their real estate holdings while also achieving high income, thanks to its strong regulatory environment. DAMAC Properties offers smart investments or permanent homes in a variety of furnished residences and ready villas and apartments in prominent locations across Dubai, with communities built to maximize on the best that Dubai has to offer.

The UAE, as always, represents a lucrative investment opportunity, with ready and off-plan properties tailored for both discerning investors and families looking for a new way of life.

Security & Safety:

The UAE has earned its place among the top ten safest countries in the world by carefully developing and implementing a law enforcement system that has resulted in low crime rates year after year, encouraging residents to bring their families, start businesses, and stay in the country for the long haul.

Proximity and Connectivity:

Dubai is one of the shortest long-haul flights in and out of the UK, with an average journey time of six hours and 45 minutes, further confirming its position as a firm choice of business travelers. Not only is Dubai a gateway to the global economy, but it also opens doors for business and leisure travel due to the ease with which businesses can be established and maintained, making it an ideal location for a vacation home that embodies the best of comfortable living, from bustling city vibes to peaceful master communities just a short distance away.

The complete travel experience for holidaymakers and homemakers is now easier than ever, thanks to a slew of airlines that offer nonstop flights to and from the UK.

Infrastructure is excellent:

The UAE has emerged as a significant participant in the global infrastructure field, with heavy investment across a wide range of sectors such as construction, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, technology, and overall industrial and economic development. The UAE is ranked 16th out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report for how regulations allow for firm flexibility, including those related to starting a business, acquiring construction licenses, obtaining electricity, registering property, paying taxes, and receiving credit.

In the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2020, the UAE was ranked ninth, one notch above the United States and one below Canada. Economic performance, government efficiency, corporate efficiency, and infrastructure are all ranked.

While the reality of the epidemic may slow things down for the time being, there’s no doubt that British investors will find a way to capitalize on the current real-estate market downturn and soon have their own Dubai address.

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