Here’s why living in the UAE is expensive

living in the UAE

It is crucial to consider the cost of living in the UAE while relocating. This can include things like how much you’ll pay to rent or buy a home, how much you’ll pay for energy, water, and gas, how much you’ll spend on food, and so on. We’ve put up a comprehensive guide on the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates.


In the United Arab Emirates, the cost of utilities is quite expensive. You may expect to pay around $1,000 per month for water and energy during the hot season, which lasts more than six months.

Meter readings are used to charge electricity and water. In Dubai, a single person costs about $70 per month for a studio flat. If two people share such an apartment, the rent will range from $120 to $150 each month.

A housing fee of 5% of the rental price of a villa or apartment is also charged. Tenants who pay $1,500 each month, for example, must pay an extra $75.The cost of home internet is around $100 per month.


Many foreigners opt to reside in Dubai. As a result, the Dubai property market offers a diverse range of rental pricing. For example, in the city’s most affluent neighbourhoods, such as Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, you may rent an apartment for at least $2,500 per month.

In less expensive districts, such as Al-Qusayr and Mirdif, one-bedroom apartments cost $1,300 and two-bedroom flats cost $1,600.


If you have the financial means, it is preferable to purchase rather than rent an apartment. If your finances are tight, you may be able to secure a mortgage loan through a local bank. In the largest cities of the Emirates, a square meter of an apartment or villa costs at least $2,000. A square meter of property in Silicon Oasis, for example, costs $1,500, whereas the average price in Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina is $5,000 and $4,500, respectively.

The following costs may be incurred when purchasing a villa or apartment:

A four percent registration fee is paid when the contract is signed. It might be paid by the buyer or split between the two parties involved in the transaction. The charge paid by the buyer after receiving a certificate of ownership from the state. The payment of $70 for the documentation proving property ownership.

Payment for the services of a real estate agency. Realtors often charge 2% of the total cost of a villa or apartment for their services. The buyer or both the buyer and the seller are responsible for this cost. The charge is paid by the investor when a new property is purchased. If the property is pre-owned, both parties are responsible for the costs. If the property is purchased via a mortgage loan, the future owner will be charged a bank commission of 1% of the entire loan amount.


The cost of ordinary items (food, clothing, shoes, gasoline, etc.), A sandwich in a restaurant in Dubai’s central business district can cost $8, a cup of coffee $5, and a dessert $11-14. A coffee with a bun is a less expensive choice. In an ordinary cafe in Dubai, a lunch or dinner for two, three courses, will cost around $55-80.


There are numerous shopping malls throughout the country, but Dubai is home to the world’s most famous landmark malls. Among the most prestigious are, Dubai Mall, Gold & Diamond Park, Mall of Emirates, and others are only a few examples. Local shopping malls have something for everyone’s taste and budget. Each floor of a shopping mall will typically sell things within a specified price range.


The cost of a metro ticket is determined by the distance that the user must travel. A bus ticket costs roughly $1.5, although a monthly travel pass is available for purchase.


Taxis have a base fee of $1.5- 2 and then a per-kilometre charge of $0.7- 1 cents. The cost of waiting for a passenger and being stuck in traffic is around $7.5 per hour. You will have to pay somewhere between $10 and $30 to go from the airport to the centre of Dubai (you can barter). Within the country (emirate borders), you must pay $5 to cross the border.


Gas is inexpensive (about $0.5). When travelling across the United Arab Emirates’ major cities, however, your fuel costs can be quite costly. For instance, in Dubai (a lot of gasoline is spent on cooling the car with an air conditioner, as well as waiting in traffic jams). Toll roads must also be paid for.

Mobile Network:

In the United Arab Emirates, there are two major mobile phone companies: Etisalat and Du. A SIM card from Etisalat costs $40, while a Du SIM card costs $15.

An outbound call within the country costs $0.2, whereas a call to someone outside the UAE costs $1 per minute. You must present your passport when purchasing a SIM card from a local operator.


Despite the relentless heat in the UAE, you can go ice skating for roughly $10-11 at an ice rink.

In big cities, such as Dubai, a sightseeing tour costs around $50. The Burj Khalifa tour, on the other hand, is pricier, costing $150. On the other side, there are other options that are completely free. An oceanarium, for example, as well as the vibrant singing and dancing fountains.

It is not necessary to pay to lie on a public beach. If you wish to visit private beaches, though, you’ll have to pay roughly $1.5-2 for admission. You will have to pay an additional price of roughly $8 to utilize a beach umbrella and a sunbed.

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