Hatta Dubai

Hatta Dubai

Dubai is a global city and a major tourist destination on the Arabian Peninsula, thanks to its strategic location in the Middle East. Hatta, a “picturesque mountain enclave” described by Frommer’s, is ideally positioned to serve as a day trip for visitors to Dubai, as well as an escape from the city’s urban hustle and bustle.

How to get there:

Hatta is located in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates’ constituent regions. The majority of trips to Hatta begin at Dubai International Airport, which receives direct flights from the United States and is one of the Middle East’s most important air hubs. Dubai and Hatta are connected by public buses and private bus trips, and the journey takes about 90 minutes. Another alternative is to rent a car and drive yourself.

Village attributes:

Hatta is located in the Hajar Mountains’ foothills, and the “magnificent mountain landscape” described by Lonely Planet is a large part of Hatta’s attractiveness. Hatta has also been designated as a “heritage village,” indicating that it is truly Arab. There are few tourist-oriented businesses and restaurants in the actual hamlet, which makes Hatta worthwhile to visit for its atmosphere alone. A fort from the 16th century can also be seen in the settlement.

Around Hatta:

Many visits to the town include off-roading in a 4-by-4 jeep or SUV across the desert and/or mountains. The Hatta Rock Pools are a popular stop on these travels. These are winding, narrow valleys of polished granite that feature pools of blue-green water supplied by springs. The Mezereh roadside market, on the way to Hatta, sells souvenir-worthy knickknacks such as rugs and candle holders.


Hatta has a mild climate when compared to the rest of the region. While Dubai is hot and humid, and the desert is scorching and dry, Hatta provides reprieve in the form of warm and dry weather throughout the majority of the year. Despite the fact that Hatta is hot in the summer, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s Fahrenheit or higher, humidity levels remain reasonable. Daytime highs in the 70s are more common for much of the year.

Things to consider:

The road to Hatta crosses through Oman, which is a whole different country. There are no border crossings along the motorway, so travelers heading straight to Hatta will have no issues with visas or customs during their brief stay in Oman. Travelers renting a car for the trip to Hatta should be aware that their motor insurance does not cover them in Oman, and they should proceed with caution.

Things to do:

1.Mountain Biking:

Dubai is no stranger to thrilling activities like dune bashing or zip-lining but this thing to do in Hatta takes it up a level with a heart-pumping and adrenaline flowing ride through the Hajar Mountains. The Hatta Mountain Trial Bike Centre) comprises of more than 50km of cycling routes with each trail color-coded for ability; green being for amateurs and black for pros (and daredevils). For those who don’t own a set of wheels, bikes can be hired from Adventure HQ on Friday and Saturday mornings at the new visitor center from Dhs150.

2. Camping:

In Hatta, do you want to get a true wild experience? Bring your tent (or caravan) and set up business against the backdrop of the Hajar Mountains. The grounds are ideal for reconnecting with nature and getting away from the conveniences of contemporary life. There are grill spaces for individuals who wish to do their own cooking, however food trucks may be found near the Hatta Wadi Hub if you’re feeling lazy.

3. Paddle on a Boat:

Hatta Dam is the area’s most well-known landmark. The contrast between the piercing blue waters and the jagged, orange mountains create a site that requires no filtering when shared on social media (or the picture-perfect postcard look in old money). Kayaking is one of the most popular activities to do in Hatta, and it costs Dhs60 with Hatta Kayak. If you’re looking for something a little less strenuous, rent a pedal boat for Dhs120 or a donut boat for Dhs150 with your friends.

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